White Dzambala Drupchen and Losar Retreat 

February 15-18, 2018

Drikung Kyobpa Choling Tibetan Meditation Center - Escondido, California


White Dzambhala is the Lord of the wealth of longevity, merit, food and riches and appropriately a member of the Jewel Family (RatnaSambhava).  Here is Drupon Samten Rinpoche explanation about this retreat.  “During these times, I feel that it is very important practice for us to engage in the practice of White Dzambala. When we do Dzambala practice, people often think about money and getting rich.  Everything we see and everything touch, feel, eat needs the blessings of Dzambala.  White Dzambala is a manifestation of Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig) and also an embodiment of Amitabha and the 5 family Buddhas.  Dzambala is important as is seen through his embodiment of the 5 family Buddhas.  In order to have wealth, you have to bring the 5 elements into balance.  Thus, the Dzambala Drupchen not only benefits you, but the benefits and blessings will reach the entire universe, other galaxies and all beings.  Dzambala practice re-energizes the elements if they have declined due to various distractions and harmful chemicals.  Dzambala benefits visible beings, such as animals in the forest and the fish in the oceans, but also gives benefit to those we cannot see in the invisible world.  That is why this great compassion practice deity is so important when there are so many wars, earthquakes, fires and floods going on these days, due in part, from various consequences due to not respecting the elements in nature.  Therefore, everyone needs theses prayers to dispel hunger and thirst around the world and other difficulties, both physical and mental.  Many distractions and consequences come with illness therefore we will engage in this Drupchen not just for those practitioners who have found a good job and have a good living. This Drupchen goes beyond that.  We must pray for all living beings, including the trees and flowers in nature, they also need the prayers of Dzambala that provide good nutrition and substance for both people and plants.  If the earth is calm and peaceful, all sentient beings who live here will experience joy and happiness.  Therefore, I request you to please participate in this Drupchen and dedicate your practice to bring good fortune and prosperity around the world.

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Then on the last day of this retreat, we will have the sacred tantric lama dances to bring important blessings to everyone and the environment.  In Tibet and India many people come from long distances to attend these practices and receive the special blessings. 

We are very fortunate to have these rare and precious lama dances in the West every year with such qualified monks and nuns.  Happy Tibetan New Year of the Fire Dog!

Registration is required to help us with the overall planning.  Registration is open on our website or you can sign up onsite. There will be many ways that you can contribute to make this program a success and to accumulate merit for yourself, your family and loved ones.  



Daily potluck lunch or please bring your own lunch or go out.  If you are able, please bring food to share for the potluck lunches.

If you would like to sponsor a dinner or lunch or mandala or tea offering for the monks and nuns please contact us.

Tea breaks. 


We run by donations to cover expenses and offerings to the monastics, thus suggested donation is:

$30/Day:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday

$20/Day:  Sunday

$100 for all four days 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds (sliding scale). 

We also need volunteer help.


Thursday 9am-5pm -White Dzambala Drupchen Retreat & Chod practice after dinner.

Friday 9am-5pm -White Dzambala Drupchen Retreat & Chod practice after dinner.

Saturday 9am-5pm -White Dzambala Drupchen Retreat

Sunday (4AM) Early Morning Monastic Ceremony that you are welcome to attend.

Sunday 8:30am-5pm -Long Life Prayers (Amitayus) for His Holiness Dalai Lama and HH Drikung Kyabgon; Tantric Lama Dances and Losar Celebration and raising the New Year’s prayer flags. Silent Auction.