Message from the International Drikung Kagyu Council & Drupon Samten Rinpoche:

This year, the year 2144 of the Fire Bird according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar, we will be commemorating the 800th anniversary since Lord Jigten Sumgon, the founder of the Drikung Kagyu lineage, entered Maha Parinirvana, and 2560 years since Lord Buddha’s Maha Parinirvana. Commemorating this 800th anniversary of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s Parinirvana is of utmost importance to the followers in order to firmly establish inspiration and strengthen faith in following the steps on the path of liberation. 

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The main commemoration anniversary of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s Body, Speech, Mind, Qualities and Activities will take place at Drikung Kagyu Institute, Jangchubling in Dehra Dun, India from 19th to 25th October 2017.  

We welcome all Dharma friends and followers around the world to join in this great commemoration, blessings, and teachings with His Holiness the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang.  His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon is requesting that as many people and dharma centers as possible please attend this very special prayer ceremony.  His Holiness is encouraging all of us to be a part of this rare and precious opportunity.

In order to help facilitate a smooth journey in India we have engaged a seasoned travel agent to assist us with all our travel needs, and we are very fortunate to have Drupon Samten Rinpoche accompanying our group to make this an even more precious opportunity.  Drupon Samten has also graciously offered to join us on an extended pilgrimage after the Dehra Dun program to visit the key holy Buddhist places in India and Nepal including Varanasi, Sarnath, Khusinagar, Lumbini, Saravasti, and Kathmandu.  The tour has been aptly named, “In the Path of Buddha” as we will touch the earth where the Buddha was born, reached enlightenment, gave the first Dharma teachings, and passed to parinirvana.

Drupon Samten says “if you can, it is very important to visit these sacred places and especially this year as His Holiness has pointed out. The pilgrimage is not merely for ‘sight-seeing’, but rather it will be a profound spiritual journey of special insight, meditation, and making a connection with these holy places.  Just as the great teachers in the past, such as Marpa, traveled to India and endured hardships, we should look forward to visiting these sacred places where many great maha siddhis, yogis and yoginnis achieved liberation.  We will be walking on the ground where the Buddha walked on this earth and taught Dharma to the gods, humans, nagas and other sentient beings.  We are very fortunate to go to these places to pay homage and re-energize our spiritual aspirations. By visiting these places, it will deepen our practice and give a profound impact in our daily life and meditation practice.

We often think about other Buddha fields, but we don’t realize what we have here on earth.  When we look at Bodhgaya through the extraordinary state of mind, it is truly the Buddha field of Buddha Shakyamuni.  If you think in this way, you can receive the blessings of great compassion and wisdom. At each location, we will have a short meditation session and prayers to receive the blessings for both ourselves and others. When you go to these places, it is important to keep you mind in the state of meditation and raise your awareness to the highest level of meditation.  Whatever difficulties may arise, you bring it into the path. In this way, every action goes towards accumulating merit that is dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings.”

Please find the attached document that contains the complete itinerary for the trip including 3 different options for the number of days of travel, costs and reservation deposit deadline.  

For any questions or help, please contact:

US contact:                Ani Chodron              email:

Mexico contact:         Fanny Ryzeman          email:

For US participants, to obtain a multiple entry Indian visa, please visit:

For Nepal visa, please visit the site below.

**Please make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months from entry into each country.