October Meditations, Volunteer Meetings & Volunteer Work Day 

Saturday - October 17th - 10am to 4pm (with lunch break 12-1pm)  - Volunteer Work Day

Please join us if you can help with general work tasks at the center. Every bit helps and any assistance is deeply appreciated.

 Saturday – October 24th  - 6:00pm  General Volunteer Meeting

If you can come early on the  24th, we would like to discuss ongoing volunteer opportunities to help keep the center running smoothly.  We appreciate all the volunteer support that everyone has provided and continues to provide for the precious Dharma. 

Saturday – October 24th  - 7:30pm  Dharma Protectors practice

 We invite everyone to join us for the continuation of the Dharma Protectors practice that Drupon Samtem Rinpoche has suggested we do on a regular basis during these times.  Drupon feels that is an important practice for all that will help tremendously and also encourages everyone to engage in this practice.