April 1st -- Dharma Protectors and Farewell reception for Omzed Tenzin

          10am to 12:30pm Sunday April 1st at DKC 

We hope you can all join us this coming Sunday, April 1st, beginning at 10:00 AM to share in Dharma Protector Practice for the benefit of all beings, and this time especially for our dear Omzed Tenzin, who will be leaving DKC soon to return to his monastery in Ladakh.  The Venerable Omzed Tenzin had hoped to stay much longer here with us, but the lamas at the monastery in Ladakh are strongly requesting that he return now to assume his position as head of the monastery there.  It is with sadness that we must bid him good-bye, and we will all miss his cheerful smiling face and the great energy that he has put into helping Drupon Samten and all of us at DKC.  His presence has been of great benefit to our sangha, and we know that he will likewise be of tremendous benefit to those he will serve in the monastery in Ladakh.

Following the Dharma Protector practice we will honor Omzed Tenzin with a little reception with refreshments.  Anyone who wishes to do so may bring a donation as an offering directly to him.  May he have a safe journey back to his homeland and his monastery, knowing that he will be here in our hearts forever.