Milarepa Movie Night (Part II) October 6th 7:00pm


Join us for Part II (even if you missed Part I) as Drupon Samten narrates this beautiful story of the great master Milarepa.

We will have ongoing showings in 1-2 hour sessions over the next couple of months.  This amazing movie (series) was filmed in Tibet and shows the life story of Milarepa, one of the great enlightened masters of the past.  Drupon Samten highly recommends this movie for all practitioners to deepen your devotion and dedication to the precious and holy Dharma and lineage lamas.  Since the movie is in Tibet only (no subtitles), Rinpoche will narrate during the movie.   The movie is over 8 hours long, so is being broken down into sections of Milarepa's life.  In each showing, we will watch one or two sections (7pm to 8:30 or 9:00pm)  Suggested donation: $5.00