Happy New Year Everyone !

May all be auspcious -- Downloads link for our 2013 new Year's letter /downloads/0-2013-new-years-letter/

 Jan. 4th 7pm Drupon Samten Rinpoche leads Shamatha meditation 

Jan. 11th & 18th 7pm Lopon Dorje Khandro teaches on the Heart Sutra

Jan. 26th 10am Lopon Konchok Wangdu teaches 

Shamatha is the Sanskrit word for the Tibetan term shine [shi-ne]. The first Tibetan syllable, "shi",means peace, and the second syllable, "ne", means to abide or remain.  Thus together they mean to remain in a state of peace.  Shamata meditation helps to free the mind from the conceptual thinking process, and thus from disturbing thoughts.  Through disciplined practice it brings the mind under control.  The goal is to maintain stability of that peace even during difficult times, both physical and mental. To keep one's mind in such a state will establish the foundation necessary for the mind to become strong and stable.