tonight March 2nd with Lopon Dorje Khandro

We invite you to join us at DKC on Saturday evening, March 2nd, at 7:00 PM when Lopon Dorje Khandro (Lourdes Arguelles) will be teaching on the Prayer of Kuntuzangpo, a dzogchen prayer that has been recited by yogis and yoginis for centuries throughout the mountains and valleys of Tibet.  It is a Vajrayana practice designed to strengthen our bodhicitta and reduce suffering.  It is especially good to recite this prayer during  solstices, eclipses, earthquakes, and when there are unusual or loud sounds coming from the earth or sky.  These are excellent times to purify the channels, winds, and essences, and the prayer can be very helpful in these processes.  

The teaching will be followed by a group recitation of the prayer and a brief shamatha meditation session