Lama Kunga Rinpoche Retreat at DKC April 13-14

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DKC is pleased to announce this rare visit of this precious lama.

Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche was born to a noble family in Lhasa in 1935 the son of Tspon Shuguba the treasurer of the Dalai Lama’s government.      At the age of 7 he was recognized as a reincarnation of Sevan Repa a heart Disciple of Milarepa, Tibet’s great 11Th Century Poet-Saint.  In 1959 he became the Vice-Abbott of Ngor Monastery in the Sakya tradition but fled Tibet during the invasion of the communist Chinese. Rinpoche came to the USA in 1972 and established Ewan Choden Tibetan Buddhist Center in Kensington, California. Lama Kunga has many students around the world.  Lama Kung is known for his rare empowerments that he holds from many Tibetan Buddhist Schools and lineages. 

Saturday April 13 at 10 am: WHITE MAHAKALA empowerment. The blessing of White Mahakla is for obtaining Wealth and removing obstacles. 

Saturday April 13 at 2 - 4 pm MEDICINE BUDDHA empowerment. The blessing of the Blue Medicine Buddha is for healing and helps in many areas of our lives including business. 

Sunday April 14 at 10 am: CHENREZIG MEDITATION: Traditional Tibetan meditation on compassion. 

Sunday April 14 at 1.30 pm : TSOG OFFERING These special offering prayers and rituals bring blessings for all and it is a special ceremony performed by the monks and nuns at DKC. 

We hope you can join.  Open to all 16 years and over.   No one turned away due to lack of funds. Please RVSP for catered lunch by April 7th).  Suggested donation Saturday $60 day or $30 per empowerment.  Catered lunch meals $10.  Sunday morning $10.