Spring Retreat: Oral transmission of the 8,000 verses; the concise volume of the 100,000 verses of the perfection of wisdom

April 26th and 27th: Two Day Retreat at Drikung Kyobpa Choling  with Drupon Samten Rinpoche 

--Registration is still open.  LAST DAY to order meals by 4/24 by calling or email.

Oral transmission of the eight thousand verses is the concise teachings of the hundred thousand verses of the perfection of wisdom

10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday, plus Dharma Protector's practice Saturday 7pm

This transmission is from the teachings on the perfection of wisdom which is from the concise text from 12 volumes that were brought from the Naga realms by Nagarjuna. We are pleased to announce this very rare opportunity for anyone who would like to attend. 

The original 12 volumes were consolidated into 3 volumes, and then those 3 volumes were further consolidated into 1 volume.  This single volume is called the 8,000 verses of the sutra of the perfection of wisdom.  Historically, these teachings were taught by the Buddha.  The teachings were taken by the Nagas to the Naga realms.  Then later Nagarjuna went to the Naga realms by the power of his miraculous enlightened activities and brought these precious Mahayana teachings back to the earth to benefit all beings. 

Not many teachers give this oral transmission even in India. It is the first offering of this transmission outside of India in the Drikung Kagyu tradition.

The Dharma text is over 1000 pages in English. It is very important and a great blessing to receive these secret words of the Buddha’s teachings. Specifically, it purifies ignorance and dispels many obstacles and bestows long life and success in daily activities.  These blessings will help you to understand more about clear light and emptiness and to deepen your meditation practice.

If you are able, please plan to receive the complete volume by attending on both Saturday and Sunday. If you are not able to attend the entire retreat, you may attend as your time permits. Please come to receive this auspicious blessing and connection. In India people who can not read the text come from long distance to receive the oral transmission blessings. The Vajrayana teachings contain initiations, oral transmissions and explanations.  This particular oral transmission blessing is very important for your Dharma practice.  It will bestow the blessings of the two benefits; 1) temporary achievement of happiness and 2) ultimate achievement of liberation of Buddhahood.

Drupon Samten Rinpoche said that he wants to give this as a special blessing for the monastery and for the sangha community in the auspicious year of the horse. We welcome everyone to partake in this precious opportunity.

Suggested donation (minimum) $20/day and meals $8/lunch.