January Special Retreats and ongoing programs

Special Retreat and teachings with Khenchen Gyaltshen Rinpoche at DKC Jan. 22nd - 24th (flyer available under downloads)

Please don’t miss this rare and precious opportunity to receive these teachings and blessings from a very remarkable lama and incredible scholar.  Khenchen's Bio is listed on the downloads page.

Suggested donation: $50/each day Sat/Sun $20/Friday. We will have a potluck lunch each day or bring your own lunch. Tea, coffee and cookies will be provided.

Friday Jan. 22nd 7pm – 9:00pm Khenchen Rinpoche teaches on the profound nature of reality as introduced in the opening lines of the Jewel Ornament of Liberation. Here is a brief excerpt: “All phenomena are included into 2 categories of samsara and nirvana. That which is called samsara is empty by nature.. that which is call nirvana is also empty by nature, but all the confused projections are exhausted and dissipated. Its defining characteristic is freedom from all suffering.”

Saturday Jan. 23rd 10am – 5pm Khenchen Rinpoche teachings and practice of Bodhichitta

Sunday Jan. 24th 10am – 5pm Khenchen Rinpoche teaching and practice on Guru devotion, Guru Yoga and Tsok offering