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New Years Day at DKC!


Join Drupon Samten Rinpoche, DKC monastics and sangha on New Year's Day (Sunday January 1st 2017) to bring in the New Year !

10am - Noon

Guru Yoga and Tsok (food) offering
Potlunck lunch

After lunch:

A very rare and precious empowerment of VajraVidirahan given by Drupon Samten Rinpoche

Suggested donation $25 (sliding scale based on your financial situation)

Vajra Vidharan is a very important practice in Tibetan Buddhism and was taught by Lord Buddha Shakaymuni in order to cure the King Maskeda from an unknown disease. King Maskeda was an evil King who did many negative deeds, from the forest to the village, that caused much suffering from his negative influence and energies.  Eventually the king got a disease that could not be cured.  Then the four Dharma Kings asked the Buddha to please protect all sentient beings.  Buddha said “If karma has been ripened to subdue the negative king and restore the peace and harmony on the earth”.  Then Buddha immediately went into the state of meditation called the Essence of Vajra and at that time, the Buddha spoke the words of the VajraVidharan practice.  Eventually the king was blessed by the Buddha and through the Buddha’s great compassion, the king’s negative thoughts turned positive.  The Buddha gave this practice to the king and told him that he should practice this and wash your body with saffron water.  And he said, by this, not only you will be cured, but it will restore the peace and happiness to each and every sentient being.  At the Tibetan Meditation Center Drupon Samten gives this cleansing ceremony before every meditation. 

This practice was translated by the Indian scholar Shri Lake-kara and translated from Tibetan by Lotsawa Shontsen Dorje Gyaltsen.  For both Buddhists and non-Buddhists, this is a very important practice to prevent cancer, healing cancer as well as heart attack, stroke, brain injury, vein or chakra damage.

The Vajra Vidharan practice is a special antidote to purify contaminated environments of the universe and sentient beings.  Through this practice we will cleanse the contaminants of the air we breathe, food we eat, clothes we wear and any other types of poisons or contamination.  It helps to cleanse the charkas, re-energize the life force and brings both physical and mental strength.  It helps to pacify frustration, depression and anxiety.  It helps dispel bad dreams and other unfavorable conditions.  It brings a healthy, happy long life and success in your practice.  This healing ceremony for has been practiced for centuries in Tibet, India and the Himalayan region of Ladakh.  Participation in this ceremony brings benefit to both oneself and other. 

Earlier Event: December 24
Happy Holidays!
Later Event: January 21
No Teachings Due to Rain