DKC Enlightenment Stupa Project

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We invite you to participate in building an ancient Enlightenment Stupa that symbolizes the heart of the Buddha’s primordial wisdom; the awakened mind, which brings liberation from suffering and achievement of ultimate peace.  We are nearing the final stages and many opportunities to participate and to contribute are still available and links to these are listed. 

There is tremendous merit to be obtained by engaging in such a project for the benefit of others, vast spiritual inspiration and world peace.

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Dear Friends,

Over the years, we have made many improvements at the monastery.  Both inside and outside have continued to evolve through Drupon’s guidance, care and attention to detail.  We have also made a lot of progress on the groundwork towards our Enlightenment Stupa construction project here at DKC.  For the Stupa project, there will be one large Enlightenment Stupa surrounded by 7 smaller Stupas’ that together signify 8 significant acts in the life of the Buddha.   Once completed, it will be a tremendous blessing and benefit for the surrounding area and peoples to bring peace and harmony and to help bring balance into the environment.  We will dedicate it for world peace, spiritual harmony, inspiration and healing.  People can still contribute precious items to put inside the Stupa to signify a memorial for loved ones or dedicated for themselves, friends, family members or some of the aims that we are all interested in such as world peace and balance in our changing environment.  On a broader level, the Stupa can be a symbol of hope, rejuvenation, abundance.

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For the Stupa, we have purchased all the beautiful copper ornaments that Drupon worked with our artists in Nepal to create.  Along with that, we also have acquired some large very beautiful copper prayer wheels that will surround the Stupa area.  All these components of the Stupas are already here on site. Many people have already contributed precious items that will go inside the stupas.  We have prepared the land where the Stupas will be built.  Lama Norbu has completed all the traditional "life force" sticks that will go inside the Stupa’s along with all the special blessings, mantra’s and prayers to empower them.  We acquired some very special ancient and holy blessings, from a high lama on a trip to Nepal.  These blessings will also go inside the stupas.  Each Stupa will have a Buddha statue in it that will emanate out wisdom and compassion, both near and far, to benefit everyone around, Buddhists and Non-Buddhists.

We are now at a point where we need to reach out for help in order to bring the Stupa project to completion.  We estimate that we need to raise $15,000 more to complete the remaining tasks and bring this to fruition.  You all have been so instrumental in helping us manifest the monastery, so we are asking for your help in whatever way you can to help Drupon to manifest this last significant project to make the monastery ‘complete’.

If you or other friends that you think would like to be a part of this, that would be wonderful and deeply appreciated.  If people are able to make a donation before the end of the year that would be so kind.  If early 2018 works better to contribute, that would work as well.  

As a reminder, we do have a 501(c)3 and can provide donation receipts.  We can talk more about the process and timeframe for people to bring precious items to be placed in the Stupa as commemoration.  In so doing, we hope that they could feel a sense of peace for themselves and at the same time, send good wishes to those who have passed, or for a connection and good wishes for the future of their children, grandchildren, for their marriage, for their own well being or other ideas that they have for dedication.

 Thank you again for all your kind support from the past and as you consider participating in the future.  We hope you can join us to fulfill this last dream of Drupon’s and help bring more "good" into the world.