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Lopon Dorje Khandro teachings

Lopon Dorje Khandro (Lourdes Arguelles) will continue her teachings on Shantideva's

A Guide to to the Bodhisattva Way of Life with a focus on the perfection or paramita of patience.. Specifically, Lopon-la will focus on selected methods for cultivating  patience  and on the importance of patience for the practice of the other perfections (e.g. , morality, generosity, wisdom, etc). She will also review the results of  psychological and neuroscientific studies on the links between patience, imagination, trauma, and certain chemical and other compounds in our bodies as well as discuss the possible implications of these  findings for our Buddhist practice..

The teaching will be preceded by a brief Shamatha (Calming the Mind) practice and followed by an Exchanging Self for Other(s) practice.